Sacasino Dragon Tiger

The Kenpo Freestyle Academys logo was designed. We appreciated the assistance of a young designer. With pride we discharge our Kenpo logo after months of refinements. In 2010 I wrote a post What Does it Mean? Since that time I’ve reflected a lot on which our logo means. A lot of the post’s thoughts are sound, but I’d like to touch deeply into the meaning of the logo. The symbols will be covered in blog posts. Our Kenpo logo retains a lot of the American Kenpo version’s characteristics. The great Ed Parker, who based American Kenpo, said this in his book Volume 1 about the tiger. 

This is the point where the person is impressed with his own prowess. With regard to the man that is great, this to some extent and I agree, but think that the tiger implies more. A lot more. This creature the strong animal predator on earth represents many things the Kenpo Freestyle Academy, in our system. The tiger signifies strength, power, stealth, defence, adaptability, individuality, patience, determination, focus, and generosity. Tigers are incredibly powerful. They’re able to leap distances over 6 metres, can run over 60 km a hour, and may smash a bear skull with their front claws. Tigers can break this neck of their prey by simply crushing vertebrae with its jaws, and may take down and drag prey up to 5 times its size. 

Even a tigers voice is powerful. The roar of a Bengal tiger can be heard for over 2km during the night. Overall, the tiger signifies straight ahead, linear power, with no retreat. Tigers are masters of stealth. They can move through high grass, forest, and even water in silence. A common comment of those who’ve witnessedor survivedan attack is the tiger came out of nowhere. A tiger can’t catch a deer or other fleet footed animal. Tiger paintings are frequently hung on walls of buildings to guard entrances, scaring demons away. The heads of tigers were frequently painted on a soldiers shield, in order to terrify this enemy.  เสือมังกร

Generally, tigers will try to avoid fighting, unless absolutely necessary. Fighting usually happens only inside the mating season. Males will frequently fight over one female, and this strongest male may have this privilege of mating with her. Still, tigers prefer to part ways and pursue a more peaceful existence elsewhere than to fight. Territory disputes are frequently settled by displays of intimidation as opposed to physical aggression.

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